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The Pretty Things - Blokker Festival Holland 1965

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Phil May ( Pretty Things) schreibt über das Konzert in Blokker

We played something called the Blokker Festival in Holland, which I think was our first trip abroad.  The year before, the Beatles had done it, and there'd been some crowd riots.  The year we did it, it was absolutely mayhem.  Battle charges with the police.  They blacked out the second half of it on television, because the church complained about us being immoral -- Viv going up to the camera with whiskey pouring out of his, and licking the lens.  That stayed in the psyche of Europe.

It's amazing.  People talk about the Blokker Festival now.  It was one of those breakthrough moments, you know.  I don't think they'd had a festival where they had riots, where it was confrontation between youth and authority.  It was like almost the Paris barricades.  It's where the Dutch youth eventually said, "We're not going to be controlled.  This is our music."  And the police started to charge them and keep 'em back from the stage.  And they picked up this great sort of poles which were holding this audience back.  The audience picked it up, and was smashing it into all these lines of policemen.  Blood everywhere.  It stayed in the psyche.

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